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How my brand name was created

Hello! Welcome to my design blog.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Janus Vielle (pronounced Jah-noos Vi-yel). I've been a designer for over 7 years since I graduated from the University of the East, Manila with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. I also have a 3D Arts Certificate of Completion for First Academy of Computer Arts, Makati.

Over the years, I've only created websites for portfolio purposes, and have been working as a graphic designer/3D artist in offices around the metro. This is the first time I took it upon myself to take home-based freelancing as a full-time job.

One of my many struggles to start had been creating a brand name. Sine online sites on my end were portfolios alone, I didn't really give much thought on creating a brand other than using my name. I once tried but the name I chose, while unique, was just as a mouthful as my name. I thought it was still a good idea then but over time I felt it was not as memorable as I hoped it when I first thought of it, and not exactly good to market.

Mock up by:

While working on setting up the this website, I've pretty much thought of everything it would need: the products, pricing, etc. But I left one very important detail out - the brand name. It's not because I forgot, but I had no idea what to name my brand. I didn't know how to even begin thinking of it. I felt my name wasn't enough for it. But what might be a good one?

Since my idea for this business came from my love of books, reading and designing, I thought maybe I need one that combines them. I did some research, read articles about branding, then started creating a list of words.

The few I came up with was either too common and already taken (artsy bookworm), too long (bibliophile designer), and just too simple (the artistic reader). Until I came upon "well-read', searching for other words similar, I came upon 'erudite'. It felt like a call. And that was that.

My next struggle was creating the logo. I wanted elements within it that spoke what I was selling: books, paintbrush, other stuff. The first I did was a little overwhelming for a logo. Too many things going on. The next one just wasn't cohesive. That's when I decided to do something rather simple and simply let my work speak for itself.

So, yes. I present to you my brand: JV the Erudite Artist.

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