• Janus A. Zate

BDJ Power Planner August Spread

August has been a very fun and exciting month.

I took a break from my workshops to focus on products I want to release to the market.

It also lead me to focus more on getting to do work that helps me financially rather than just helping with marketing.

I also took a step back on my Instagram postings and made most of the projects I post online are more for myself rather than posting to increase followers.

I'm showing you today planner spreads for August 2019 on my BDJ Discbound Power Planner.

You can check out the other products by Belle De Jour at You can also check them out on Facebook ( and Instagram (@bdjbuzz) for news and events.

If you like what you see here be sure to stay updated on my works on Instagram: @jveruditeartist

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