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Ania Art Lab - Clear Leather Journal [PRODUCT FEATURE]

I have a new journal that I've been setting up since last week. This is ANIA ART LAB (@ania_artlab) Clear Leather Travel Journal. Heads up, this is just an initial setup because there were so many possibilities going through my head that it took me a while to settle on a theme and just yesterday I already changed up my frontal design.

When Stefania showed me her products I fell in love with her Half Clear Leather Travel Journal. It's well crafted and I love how functional the clear cover is because it functions as a pocket too! What's even great about the journal is that Stefania hand-stitched it. I don't know if I should admire her patience or think she's crazy! LOL. Kidding aside, it's really impressive! Check out the product unraveling post I have on IGTV here: Ania Art Lab Product Preview (

Here's a video process of my set up that I posted over on Youtube.

Small trivia about my journaling style, I like to set a theme for each one and what purpose they will serve. I originally wanted this to be another bookish journal using my Planner's Anonymous (@plannersanon) Jan 2020 goodies but then I decided to mix it with travel theme.

When I finally decided on colors and themes, I then made the first insert using Stamperia (@stamperia) Around the World collection. I'm adding in a few more inserts in the succeeding days as I set up this journal.

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