• Janus Zate

Carmine Rose Mixed Media Portrait

Hello, everyone! Check out this 5x7 Watercolor Panel by @primamarketinginc and this @princetonbrush Petals Triangle Brush that I got from @theyellowviolethouse.

I made this mixed media portrait to try out how the panel works with watercolor which I believe is Hot Press paper. At first I thought it absorbed way too much of my paints and water. I was worried I was going to have so many hard edges on my painting because of that. But as I progressed, I was so glad that I was able to soften and blend my paints well. Upon drying, the colors came out smoother than expected.

Although I didn't use the triangle brush for flowers, I was able tested out how sharp the point is and what kind of strokes and lines I can create with it. I'll do the floral painting some other time. Check out this video process:

Other materials used on this project are @graphic45 Flowers, @mintaypapers Flora Book 2,@stamperia Glamour Sparkles and Die Cuts, Eno Greeting Wooden Shapes and Butterfly Laser Cut, and Glitter Acrylics from @ngbros839.

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