• Janus Zate

Craft Space Preview

Hi Everyone! I thought I'd drop in to share with you a bit of my little craft corner here at home.

My space is bursting with papers and I keep most of my scheduled items to work with in front of my table in a rose gold metal wire holder. That way I can grab whichever I need at a closer distance.

I keep my journals and planners in a wheeled cart that way I can lug them around wherever I feel like opening one of them to read or work on. Smaller ones are stored in my shelves.

I keep flowers and filler items in one rose gold basket for the same reason. I keep some of the newest acquired items still in their packaging until I decide to use them. Any extra loose flowers are kept in a clear acrylic box that is placed beside the said basket.

So there's a tip for you in terms of storage, keep your go-to items closest to you. You can also rearrange and put items you want to use (like something you hoarded but never got to use) in front of you. It kind of pressures your brain to go for whatever is in front of you.

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