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Freebie Sticker Sheet!

Hello lovelies!

I'm looking through some of my works that I haven't made use of that well and decided to play around with sticker layouts.

I haven't made any new products as of late but I'm hoping to do so soon and making things available digitally.

So here is the result of my little experiment and I'm giving them to you for FREE! Pardon the editing quality of this product since I really wanted to just whip up something on impulse so it's rather rougher than I like.

The size of the sticker sheet is 4.25(w) x 5.5 (h), in case you need that info.

To download the sticker sheet, simply click the PDF file below:

Download PDF • 778KB

This is free for you to print for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may not edit, reproduce, resell and/or repurpose without consent from me. Should you wish to share the news, please do provide the link to this blog.

You are allowed to share how you use the stickers or show us the print of the FREEBIE. And I would highly appreciate any feedback you have of the item. If you wish to continue supporting my work, please do like, follow and subscribe to my social media accounts:

Facebook: The Erudite Artist

Instagram: @jveruditeartist 


YouTube: The Erudite Artist

Thank you and have fun using the freebie!



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