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Love Notes Art Trade Cards

Hello, lovelies! I love creating ATCs (art trade cards) each month. It's a great way to start up my creative process and help me hone my senses into creating bigger/larger scaled projects.

Today, I'm sharing a simple step-by-step process on how I created these round ATCs using Graphic 45's Love Notes. I used the Stickers and Pockets and Tags with this project.

Step 1:

Cut up 2 circles from an old cereal box. Do the same on white card stocks and glue card stocks onto cereal box cut outs back-to-back. These will serve as your base.

Step 2:

Using a palette knife, stencil and modeling paste, create some texture onto your base

Step 3:

Paint over it with black metallic acrylic.

Step 4:

Splatter on some red paint

Step 5:

Tear off some papers (I used Graphic 45 Commuique Collection: Typography) and glue a tattered piece onto one side of the circle

Step 6:

Start decorating using Love Notes Stickers and Tags, along with a Die Cut each.

Step 7:

Add red flowers and gold matte pearl gems to finish off the design.

And voila! They are done!

[Below are photos of my process for your reference]

TIP: Go for about 3-5 elements of different sizes for an eye-catching

yet slightly minimalist effect.

TIP: You can add in some black mini styrofoam beads underneath your tattered paper piece for some subtle added texture

Graphic 45 Supply List:

  • Commuique Collection 12x12 Typography #4500065

  • Love Notes Tags and Pockets #4501831

  • Love Notes Stickers #4501829

  • Rose Bouquet Collection Triumphant Red #4501785

  • Life's a Journey Die Cut Assortment #4501951

  • Gold Matte Pearl Gems #4501809

Other Materials:

  • Old Cereal Box

  • White Card Stock

  • All Purpose Glue

  • Modeling Paste

  • Palette Knife

  • Stencil

  • Black Styro Foam Beads

  • Black Metallic Acrylic Paint

  • Red Metallic Paint

  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick

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